The PROVENANCE diaries show my multi dimesional research of portrait d'Alfred et Élise Dedreux painted by Théodore Géricault around 1818. First up is my three dimensional take on the white dress.

The White Dress, part 1, cutting the bodice
The White Dress, part 2, puff sleeve
The White Dress, part 3, the scalloped hem
The White Dress, part 4, bias strips, ribbons and buttons
The White Dress, part 5, la cuirasse
The White Dress, part 6, becoming Élise


LES ARCHIVES is my collection of found words. Words in newspapers that caught my eye and that I've cherished for years. For 27 of these newspaper cuttings I've created relic cabinets. In my vlog you can join me on my journey of making the cabinets for these archived words.

the making of LES ARCHIVES, part 1
working on LES ARCHIVES, part 2
lining the cabinets for LES ARCHIVES, part 3
Boucle de cheveux de l'artiste...for LES ARCHIVES
Paul Hermans and I discuss my work in progress on LES ARCHIVES in my studio.

Red Carpet diaries

Enjoy a virtual tour of Red Carpet Gallery (my pop-up show at the decommissioned Thilot factory in The Netherlands 2020-21) and learn all about Théodore Géricault as Paul Hermans (Museum van Bommel van Dam project manager of the KLEINPFERD exhibtion in 2013) and I discuss my artworks.

Red Carpet Gallery tour, the stables.
The headless HORSE # 3.
Why size matters.
Red Carpet Gallery
meet your tour guide!

More Red Carpet diaries

Red Carpet Gallery tour, going under water.
Wes Anderson's The life aquatic and (sur)real tide pools.
Tide pool serendipity, antlers and a giraffe.
Meet the buoy barnacle...
wilHELM HELMut and Schatzi, part 1
wilHELM HELMut and Schatzi, part 2
About a Kingfisher and a lying Nude...
Who the f... is 'Le Roi de Rome'?
Fast track tour of the red lead hall at Red Carpet Gallery.
Red Carpet Gallery tour of the black horse.
A black and a white horse...
So what's the story with this huge black horse's head?
Red Carpet Gallery
Black Horse blooper...
Alfred & Élise part 1
Paul Hermans and Monique Camps talk about Alfred & Élise.

Alfred & Élise part 2
Paul Hermans and Monique Camps talk some more about Alfred & Élise.
Red Carpet Gallery blooper...